We believe in a publicly provided, publicly funded and democratically determined health service. We believe that the profit motive should have no place in the heart of our health care. We wish to see health care provided by NHS organisations and not private providers on a profit basis. Unfortunately, the government’s legislation of 2012 makes this more difficult to achieve.


We are concerned that private providers in the health system may threaten the provision of high quality health care for patients and undermine the working conditions and salaries of hard pressed staff by cutting costs to win contracts and make profits. However, we believe that the people of Leicester and Leicestershire have the right to expect that the strengths, ethos and values on which the NHS was founded be protected and continued.


We expect the founding principles of the NHS to be upheld: namely that health care should be:

  • Available to all and comprehensive i.e. covering all health needs

  • Available to on the basis of need alone, not on the basis of ability to pay

  • Free at the point of use

  • Equally good wherever it is accessed

We expect of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG*) the highest standards of propriety involving impartiality, integrity and objectivity in relation to the stewardship of public funds, the management of the organisation and the conduct of its business

We expect the CCG to commission services in a way which does not reduce the continuity of care experienced by patients.


We expect the CCG to make commissioning decisions which are in the best interests of patients and wider local communities and to resist the imposition of ‘any qualified provider’ by others.


In order to reduce the damage done to the NHS and NHS patients, we expect that our local health system will meet the following requirements:


The CCG and Health & Wellbeing Board* must conduct their business in an open and transparent manner, must pledge to resist being bound by considerations of commercial confidentiality and must undertake not to allow any organisation in receipt of CCG funds to conceal how they are spent on the grounds of commercial confidentiality.


Non-NHS providers should be contracted only where

  • They have a proven track record of providing high quality care

  • They do not include directors who previously sat on the boards of companies

    which faced financial penalties following prosecution for legal violations

  • They are open and transparent about the price and terms of the contract and do not hide behind commercial confidentiality

  • They pledge to respond to Freedom of Information requests submitted under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act of 2000

  • They do not engage in artificial arrangements to avoid tax

  • They pay the living wage as a minimum




What’s a Clinical Commissioning Group?

*CCGs are the new organisations responsible for deciding locally what health services patients will be entitled to have. They hold the majority of the NHS budget and are composed of groups of GP practices. We have one CCG in Leicester City and there are two others in West Leicestershire & East Leicestershire & Rutland..


*What is the Health and Wellbeing Board?

This is a new committee in the local authority responsible for ensuring health and social care services are provided in a joined-up way and for ensuring a role for democracy in the health service.




The Campaign Against NHS Privatization was formed in Leicester in 2010 to campaign for a better health service and to defend the NHS from privatization. Contact us for more information on

e mail canp@live.co.uk

tel. 0116 2703 053.

Visit us at:https://campaignagainstnhsprivatization.org.uk/


You can Endorse our NHS Charter here


ps West Leicesterhire covers 3 district council areas, North West Leicestershire, Charnwood, and Hinckley & Bosworth.

East Leicestershire and Rutland covers district councils of  Blaby,  Harborough, Lutterworth,  Melton Mowbray, Oadby and Wigston and the county of Rutland.

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