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Save our NHS Leicestershire 



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NHS in Leicestershire accused of ‘back door privatisation’ to set up spin-off company


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What are we seeking and why?
We are seeking a judicial review to stop Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt and NHS England from introducing new commercial, non-NHS bodies to run health and social services without proper public consultation and without full Parliamentary scrutiny.

These non-NHS bodies would be called “Accountable Care Organisations” (“ACOs). They would be governed by company and contract law and can be given “full responsibility” for NHS and adult social services……. see more here




NHS petition from 38 Degrees



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Virgin Care cherry picking NHS contracts


How Simon Stevens imposed a reorganisation designed for transnational capitalism on England’s NHS.

This case affects us all
The NHS must continue to provide comprehensive healthcare to everyone who needs it

The NHS must remain as a public service that provides the full range of health care to everyone who needs it, free at the point of use.

This is under threat.

Working with public law firm Leigh Day, 999 Call for the NHS intends to bring a judicial review of plans for new local NHS and Social Care organisations to operate what they call “fixed, pre-set population budgets”.

These budgets are supposed to cover an area’s population but they will be insufficient to meet the public need. These finance restrictions will force our NHS to behave like an insurance company.

This will decisively end the NHS as a comprehensive service for everyone who needs health care  More Here


NHS Reinstatement Bill March 2017 Allyson Pollock speech 

Britain’s NHS is chronically underfunded, but great value for money … for now –October 25, 2016


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 Unhealthy influence: The rise of the NHS Partners Network March 21, 2013

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Leaked document shows how private health firms worked with Downing Street to ensure new legislation went ahead

100’s of contracts signed in ‘biggest ever act of  NHS Privatization’

private firms bonanza from NHS

New Health Secretary and Privatization

NHS franchising: the toxic world of globalised healthcare is upon us

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Newmarket NHS Hospital to be run by private company




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Your NHS has been quietly transformed into a business ready for corporate takeover and conversion to the American private insurance model. In


filmmaker Peter Bach exposes the two decade covert privatisation which has occurred without public mandate and against the public interestChannel 4 News: A leaked document ties Health & Social Care Bill to plans for the privatization of the NHS


A day in the life of a GP


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letter from Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, Liverpool



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